Eat My Body, Prequel

This is a retelling of the story found in John 6. For Part 2 of the story, see Eat My Body.

Eat My Body, The Prequel

Part 1

You’ve probably heard this story. Jesus and his followers go for a sail across the Sea of Galilee. Maybe they need a rest. Maybe Jesus wants some more one-on-twelve time to teach his disciples. For whatever reason, there they are.

The cross the lake, climb a big hill, but as soon as they sit down, they realize they’ve been followed. A lot of people; well that’s not right, a crowd; they been followed by a crowd. No, that’s not quite right either. We need a more biblical word; a bigger word that really captures the nature of the multitude that had followed them. That’s it, multitude. A multitude followed them across the Sea of Galilee. They have traveled miles for the chance to see Jesus, to hear him teach, to hang on every word. Well, the Gospel writer tells us they came because they’d seen the miracle Jesus had performed. So they came hoping to see some tricks. They’re not here for Jesus. They’re here for what they can get out of him.

But Jesus, as soon as he sees this multitude, leans over to Philip and says, “Got any bread? I think they might be hungry. We should feed them.” And Philip just looks at him. “Wha? Uh. Erk.”

Jesus gives him one of those sly, I-know-what’s-going-on-and-you-don’t smiles. “Watch this.”

A couple other disciples pipe up, trying to be helpful, “Hey Jesus, here’s a kid with some bread, five loaves! . . . and a couple fish.”

Philip looks at his fellow disciples. Then he looks at Jesus. Disciples. Jesus.

Jesus says, “Tell the people to sit down.” And then He feeds the whole multitude. Jesus takes this meager amount of bread and fish, gives thanks to God and then feeds the whole lot of them. The Gospel writer tells us that’s

(Booming announcer voice) 5000 men!!!

(Smaller some-exclusions-apply voice) not including women and children.


(Booming announcer voice) 5000 men!!!

(smaller some-exclusions-apply voice) not including women and children.

Could you say that again, slowly and a little louder?

5000 men not counting the women and children. So, really, we might be talking somewhere in the neighborhood of 10-15 thousand people.

And to top it all off, there are leftovers. And finally, people start to realize, hey, maybe this guy’s from God.

So fast forward. Jesus sends the disciples back across the lake, telling them He’ll catch up later. And he does…in the middle of the lake. The next morning people wake up saying, “Hey, I’m hungry.” Followed quickly by, “Where’s that guy with the bread?”


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