Ugandan Water ProjectFor a number of years I’ve wanted to make a trip to eastern Africa, a region that knows hardship and suffering due to a lack of access to basic needs like clean drinking water and adequate healthcare exacerbated by conflict. So I’m very excited that I will be going to Uganda February 7-20 with Ugandan Water Project, a humanitarian group led by my friend James Harrington.

Ugandan Water Project places rainwater collection tanks in community buildings throughout the East African nation of Uganda. The project provides accessible drinking water to communities suffering from preventable diseases contracted from water-borne pathogens. Because it’s located in a community-valued location like a school, clinic, church or orphanage, this shared resource helps to unite and strengthen communities. The project also creates direct connections between donors and the villages where tanks are installed.

Ugandan Water Project tankMy primary role on the team will be musician, but I will be involved in other aspects of the trip as well. During our trip, we will be visiting the current tank sites to do interviews and analysis and make any needed repairs or adjustments to the installations. We will also share music in English and Lugandan as well as encouragement and greetings from their respective sponsors. In addition, we will spend 2 days in Kyssene slum working with street orphans. We’ll participate in church services and perhaps some extemporaneous opportunities to share music on the streets. The last two trips have included reaching into northern Uganda where the needs are greatest and the people have suffered the most from 24 years of insurgent chaos and terror. We expect to make the journey to northern Uganda on this trip as well.

I covet your prayers, encouragement and support. I know that I’m supposed to make this trip but being away from Beth and the kids for two weeks is daunting. I know that our network of friends will be there for them while I’m away, but your prayers for them, for me and for the relationships made as I travel will be invaluable.

The cost for the trip is $3500, but I’d like to raise some addition money for items that aren’t necessities but that I’d like to be able to take as well as items that can be left in Uganda.

UPDATE: We surpassed the support goal. You can still give towards the trip. Money will be used for special projects while we’re in Uganda and to help any team members who might be short on their support.

I’d like to take some size 5 soccer balls and small ball pumps that can be left at the villages we visit. You can donate new or used soccer balls in good condition or donate towards purchase of new balls.

To become a trip supporter, visit the support page for details.

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