So I make music from time to time. Actually, it’s a big part of who I am, and I’ve been making music for more than twenty-five years. I’ve done everything from the solo acoustic thing to playing with bands. At present, I am one of the worship leaders at Covenant Love Community in Freeville, NY, and I still do the solo acoustic thing on rare occasions.

Below are a few rough demos of worship songs I’ve written. They are very raw recordings. Just me, a guitar and a cheap computer mic. Actually, they aren’t so bad considering the equipment used. I made them to share with some other worship leaders, but enough people bugged me about them that I’ve made them available here. These are not all the songs I’ve done, and I intend to add some of the more recent ones.

Chord Sheet MP3
You Are Mine pdf 3.7mb
I Will Trust in Your Love pdf 2.9mb
Holy in All Things pdf 3.1mb
I Know That The Lord is Good pdf 2.9mb
He is Shown to Me pdf

You are welcome to download the songs and share them with others. The chord sheets are provided so you can use them in either personal or corporate worship. I retain all rights to these songs, so if you want to make new recordings of any of them, you will need written permission from me first.


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