Running for a Reason: UWP 5K

Ugandan Water Project 5KI don’t like running. Going for a run means getting up, going outside and running in a circle to get back to where I was. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Some people find pleasure in running, but I don’t. I know this sounds funny coming from a soccer player, but it really isn’t. When I’m on the pitch, I’m running for a reason. My running has purpose.

That’s why I’ve been running lately. I found a pretty good purpose to getting out and running, water. On Saturday, April 21, I’m going to be running in the Ugandan Water Project 5K to raise money to bring clean water to more people in Uganda. UWP places rainwater collection tanks in communities to provide a safe, clean source of water.

Of course, I want to raise as much as I can for the cause, and I could use your support. If you want to join me in bringing clean water to more people in Uganda, checks can be made out to Ugandan Water Project or sponsor me online. Just put my name in the donation comments.

Contact me for any questions or my address. Thanks for joining the world changers team.


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