Sobering…Please Read

Matthew Paul Turner and his wife Jessica are heading to the Dominican Republic with World Vision tomorrow. MPT published this post on his blog yesterday, and I just got the chance to read it. Having tucked my kids into bed a few minutes ago, this struck me hard.

Uganda and the DR are an ocean apart, but they share this same desperation of poverty that drives people to unthinkable things in order to survive. If you don’t mind a tough read on the weekend, please visit Matt’s blog and read his My sober friend post.


One Response to Sobering…Please Read

  1. Peggy Hotaling says:

    Hi David, Hank and I sponsor two children in the Dominican Republic in the city of Bombita. Through COPA, our church sponsors a missionary there and often sends work teams to help with the school there. we hope to be able to go some time. We have been so blessed in our life and it seems good to be in a position to help. The little boy and girl that we sponsor are in the pictures on our refrigerator along with grandkids and neices and nephews. I love facebook for the chance to keep track of your growing family. Give my best to Beth. Love, Aunt Peg

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