Relevant is Helping Haitians

Last year, Relevant Magazine launched Reject Apathy, a movement “dedicated to spurring this generation to sacrificial, sustainable social engagement.” Reject Apathy offers a web site filled with articles on a variety of issues as well as a weekly email newsletter and a regular digital magazine.

In the wake of the Haiti earthquake, the Relevant team decided they needed to put their money where their mouth is and made the following announcement:

To immediately help the devastation in Haiti, right now RELEVANT is giving half of every dollar from new subscriptions to World Vision’s emergency relief efforts. By subscribing to RELEVANT, you’ll stay connected to what God is doing in our generation. By subscribing right now, you’ll tangibly help those in need. Please join us.

What? A one year subscription costs $15. That means that Relevant Magazine will give $7.50 from every subscription to benefit World Vision’s Haiti relief effort. Relevant is choosing to lose money to help people in Haiti. Relevant was already one of my favorite magazines. This just pushes them further up in my esteem.

Watch the announcement from Relevant Magazine founder and publisher, Cameron Strang.

If you’ve never subscribed to Relevant Magazine, take the opportunity now, when you not only get a great magazine but you help people. You won’t be disappointed in either account. If you already subscribe, consider buying a subscription for a friend. They will thank you.

Subscribe today and bring hope and relief to the people of Haiti.


One Response to Relevant is Helping Haitians

  1. Sarah says:

    Thanks for posting about Reject Apathy’s mobilization of help to Haiti. We are honored to be working with World Vision to edify this generation and inform them of how to take the right kind of Christian Action! Peace to you!

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