Quick update

A downpour fills a 10,000 gallon tank

10,000 gallon tank in the rain

Greetings, fellow travelers. I just wanted to post a quick update. I’ll post something more substantial soon. Good news is that our friend Whitney, who is studying in Australia, will be in Uganda until February 21, so I should get a chance to connect with her while I’m there. It’ll be nice to “run into” some one from home.

I got my shots yesterday. My arms are sore from five different injections, but I haven’t had any of the potential side effects I was warned about. Between the vaccines and the anti-malarial drugs we’re talking $600. Hopefully my insurance will cover all or most of the cost. Now I need to find the time to do some trip shopping in the next two weeks.

The really big news to share is that we’ve surpassed my support goal. I’m totally floored by that. When I decided to go I was most concerned about the funding. We knew we couldn’t afford it ourselves, but in about a month and a half we raised $4000. There were a few large donations, but most of it was small donations from a wide range of people. Thank you.

A Ugandan boy fills a jug with clean water

This is why

If you meant to send a donation but haven’t yet, you’re not too late. You can still send donations to Ugandan Water Project at Ugandan Water Project, 1748 Rochester St, Lima, NY 14485. Donations will be used for special projects while we’re in Uganda and to help any team members who are short on their support.

You can also make donations to me directly by clicking the “Donate” button on the support page or in the column to the right. This money will go towards my extra expenses and supplies I need for the trip.

If you’d like to donate a soccer ball, I’m looking for either new or good condition size 5 soccer balls. Contact me if you want to donate a ball or two or ten. You can also send me a donation online or give it to me in person. Just note that it’s for soccer balls.

Matthew Paul Turner has been in Uganda this week with World Vision, and he’s posted some great reflections and video from his trip. You should read his Uganda Week posts.

As I said, I’ll post a more detailed update in the next few days. Thank you for your support and prayers. The next two weeks are crucial. There’s a lot to do to get ready and the stress and pressure will be high. If you pray, I’d appreciate if you’d remember me, my family and the team.

We’re changing the world people.


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