Urgent: Helping the People of Haiti

USGS map of Haiti quakeBy now you’ve heard about the magnitude 7.0 earthquake that struck Haiti yesterday. Already one of the poorest countries in the world, Haiti’s infrastructure is lacking in good times so the impact on Haiti’s buildings, roads and other services we take for granted is unbelievable. With the dawn of Wednesday, Haitians are just beginning to asses the damage and loss of life. I can’t stress how critical the situation is. Haiti’s first lady says much of the capital is in ruins.

The United States, other governments and world organizations have already pledged support. There are aid groups which were already functioning in Haiti prior to the quake who are now turning their efforts towards bringing relief and rescue. Below is a partial list of reputable relief groups who already have staff on the ground or are mobilizing their emergency response teams. Most of us can’t hop on a plane and head to Haiti, but we can provide funding for those who do. Please consider supporting their efforts.

Red Cross
Food for the Hungry
World Vision
Compassion International
Catholic Relief Services
Salvation Army
World Relief

May God’s grace and peace be with the people of Haiti and the men and women who are rushing into the breach to bring aid and relief.


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