Uganda Week

You probably already realize that Matthew Paul Turner is one of my favorite authors. I read his blog and follow him on Twitter as well, which can be a lot of fun. He likes to live tweet televised awards shows, and his appreciation for Carrie Underwood is unrivaled (and easily forgiven). Matthew is witty, challenging, wry, snarky, often edging on inappropriate but with good intentions and just laugh out loud funny.

Matthew is going to Uganda with World Vision, and he’ll be blogging the trip. Follow Uganda Week You can follow him during Uganda Week starting January 17.

Since I’m going to Uganda in a month, I’m really looking forward to following his trip, reading his thoughts and seeing how he handles being away from his wife and young son for a couple weeks. I always appreciate his insights on life and culture, so I’m thrilled at the chance to “see” Uganda through his eyes.

Matthew is part of the Ugandan convergence I discovered when I first announced I was going. I found so many people through my extended network of friends and family who have been to Uganda or are going to Uganda soon. I took it as confirmation that I made the right decision to go there now.

I highly recommend following Matthew’s journey during Uganda Week at his blog beginning January 17. You can help spread the word by posting a link to his blog on your Facebook page, adding a Uganda Week button to your blog or tweeting or retweeting links to the posts using the #UgandaWeek and #WorldVision hash tags.

Whatever you do, follow Uganda Week starting January 17.


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