Going to Uganda 2010

Happy new year. I’m hitting the ground running (for my life) with lots to do at home, at work and for the trip. Thought I’d post a quick update on the trip.

So my overall goal is to raise $4000, and I’m 75% of the way there, thanks in large part to many of you. I am very grateful for your support. I’ve had everything from large donations to a nickel dropped in my donation bucket. Cool, huh?!

If you have been planning to support me financially, you still can. Checks made out to Ugandan Water Project can be given to me directly or sent to Ugandan Water Project, 1748 Rochester St, Lima, NY 14485. You can also donate online. It’s easy and secure. Make sure to reference that you are donating towards my trip.

The whole rainwater collection tank idea is taking off. A couple weeks before Christmas, a hair salon in Rochester decided to fund a tank. That gives our team the chance to celebrate with the village that will get the tank. Since then, three more tanks have been funded. That is just incredible.

To end on a Uganda related note, author/blogger Matthew Paul Turner is going to Uganda with World Vision. He’s leaving January 14 and will be blogging the trip beginning January 17. You can follow his trip at his blog Jesus Needs New PR. Matthew is one of my favorite writers and cultural critics. Reading his Twitter feed during televised awards shows is side-splitting. I highly recommend Matthew’s book Churched, and I’m very confident that the follow up, Hear No Evil, will be stellar as well. Please be aware that his stuff is NSFPN (not safe for preconceived notions).

Thank you for supporting me and Ugandan Water Project. We’re changing the world, people.


One Response to Going to Uganda 2010

  1. so stoked we could be a part of it!! Thank you Lord that You are providing clean water to those in Uganda and all over the world, You are a mighty King with power to move mountains and now clean water~~Praise be to You our sweet lover and desirer of our souls! Protect each of your soldiers traveling to Uganda in Your name we pray Almighty Father, AMEN!

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