Uganda Update

Just a quick trip update and a thank you. I’m encouraged by the number of people who have already signed up to bring hope and access to clean, safe water. As a part of this team, you are meeting one of the most fundamental needs we have as humans. Thank you.

UgandaLast Friday I was on a Skype video chat with our Ugandan host, Pastor George Nsamba, and a couple team members. It was good to see people’s faces, ask some questions and be encouraged. I’m really looking forward to finally meeting the team face to face, though that probably won’t happen until we rendezvous at JFK in New York City on the way to Uganda.

Speaking of being encouraged, we’re nearly 25% of the way to the trip goal of $3500. A few online donations, something from an old friend and a couple donations handed to me this week go a long way. One of my youth group kids opened up his wallet and handed me everything he had on him. It was the most beautiful $8 I’ve ever seen.

That really gets to the heart of making change like this. The needs seem so big, and we feel so small. There are a few Bill Gates and Brad Pitts out there with star power or vast financial resources, but real change happens when a lot of average, every day people get together and do whatever they can. That’s what you’re doing.

I’ve set up an Amazon Wish List with things I’ll need for the trip. More items will be added, but you can link to it from the support page. You can also find out how you can help fund trip supplies.

I’ll have more updates soon. For now, be blessed and know that in being part of this team you are bringing cups of cold water to people who need a drink. That’s a very good thing.


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