Two of my favorite bloggers

I don’t actually have a lot of time for reading blogs. There are some news aggregator sites I use and a couple web comics I read, but there are only two blogs I read regularly.

The first belongs to author and funny guy Matthew Paul Turner. I love the way he writes. We have some similar background and life experience. And I’m pretty sure he’s taking thoughts right out of my head when he talks about church and culture. He wrote one of my favorite books on evangelism (The Coffeehouse Gospel), and his latest, Churched, is just brilliant. It is one of my favorite reads this year.

Matthew is a freelance writer, which is fancy speak for out of work and trying to scrape together coin by stringing words together in an ineligible and, hopefully, humorous way. He blogs about everything from God to being a dad to popular culture. Being roughly the same age, a lot of the pop culture stuff he remembers from growing up is poignant to me as well. He’s also a very gifted communicator as well, so I was pleased when my pastor thought MPT reminded him of me. I’m hoping it was for more than the bald head and three days of stubble.

Matthew and his wife Jessica also have one the world’s cutest babies, Elias Jude, and MPT is not immune to new-daddy-talking-about-how-awesome-my-kid-is syndrome, and frankly, he’s right. Check out Matthew’s blog at

The second is Jason Boyett, author of Pocket Guide to the Bible, Pocket Guide to Adulthood and Pocket Guide to the Apocalypse. He has a reissue of Pocket Guide to the Bible as well as two new offerings, Pocket Guide to the Afterlife and Pocket Guide to Sainthood, coming in August 2009. He has dreams of becoming the King of Pocket GuidesTM.

Jason is an accomplished and thorough writer, so it always amazes me when his posts come across as “the stuff I can’t keep in my head.” I know he crafts his posts and doesn’t just blurt them out, but his style is so fluid and easy that you think he’s just writing what popped into his head. (I follow him on Twitter, and I know his tweets are exactly that.)

Jason recently did a series of posts based on Jonathan Edwards’ sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.” Read them here, here, here and here.

You can read Jason’s blog at

I’ll probably post a couple more like this soon based on my favorite podcasts as well as where I go for my political junkie fix.

What blogs are you reading? Comment below.


2 Responses to Two of my favorite bloggers

  1. Davis says:

    thanks for the tips — always on the lookout for talent like this

  2. Jason Boyett says:

    Thanks for the shout-out, David. I appreciate it — especially the “fluid and easy” part. Glad it comes across that way, even if it’s crafted on the back-end.


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