We heart Cornell baseball

I have always been a baseball fan. I love the game, and I’ll watch it at any level. My son Sean has contracted the baseball bug as well. He likes just about any sport, but he really loves baseball and wants to be a major leaguer some day.

locked in on the gameA few weeks ago, Sean and I went to watch Cornell lacrosse crush Penn 21-11. After the game, we went next door to catch the end of a Cornell baseball doubleheader at Hoy Field. It’s a great place to watch a game because you can get close to the action and the players.

We stood along the fence on the left field line and caught the last inning of game one. In between games, Sean hung on the fence and watched the Cornell guys get loose. He was locked in and fascinated watching them throw and field. A few guys walked by him, and then Matt Langseth, the second baseman, stopped to talk with him. It wasn’t anything big, just small talk, but it made Sean’s day. I was sitting about fifteen feet away, and as a dad watching this all, I couldn’t have been happier. Matt gained two new fans. Every time Matt came up or had a play in the field, Sean was zeroed in.

Sean makes a dramatic catch?

Sean makes a dramatic catch?

While they were getting loose, one of the balls bounced over the fence. Sean fielded it nicely and tossed it back. When they were done, the player asked Sean if he wanted the ball. Did he? Then it was my turn to throw grounders for Sean, using the newly acquired ball of course.

Just before game two, Jadd Schmeltzer, the pitcher, and Adam Jacobs, the catcher, walked by on their way in from the bullpen. They both gave Sean a fist bump. More joy.

Enjoying some Cornell baseballThe following Monday, I wrote an email to Matt to thank him for taking the time chat with Sean and to his coaches to let them know how impressed I was with Matt and the other players. Head Coach Walkenbach and Coach Ford both wrote back, and they gave us a couple caps.

This Saturday, Sean and I headed over for a doubleheader against Penn. We missed the first inning 8-run deluge by the Big Red, but the rest of the game was enjoyable. It was cold and windy, but we played catch, had lunch and cheered for our guys. Cornell won 12-5.

Catcher Adam Jacobs signs a ball for Sean

Catcher Adam Jacobs signs a ball for Sean

After game one, Sean took a foul ball we retrieved at the previous game and one from Saturday’s game to get autographs. Jadd Schmeltzer and Adam Jacobs signed one, and Matt Langseth signed the other. Signing a ball seemed like a new experience for Matt, and I think he was pleased that Sean wanted his to be the only signature on that ball. Adam’s parents were there and took a picture of Adam with Sean.

Game two didn’t go as well, though Matt had some good chances in the field and a timely hit in the seventh trying to start a rally. Mickey Brodsky hit a mammoth shot over the wall in left-center.

Mickey Brodsky hits a towering shot over the left-center wall

Mickey Brodsky hits a towering shot over the left-center wall

Cornell split the doubleheader. We shivered in the sunny, windy 40 degree weather. We had a great time watching baseball and talking with players. All in all, it was a good day.

Cornell swept Penn in the Easter Sunday doubleheader, and 3-1 on the weekend was good enough to get the Big Red into second place in the Gehrig Division. They take on division leader Columbia this weekend.


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