Back to work

20 April 2009

Spent a few days in Washington, DC visiting with sister-in-law and family. I’ll post pictures later this week. Hit the Air & Space and American History Museums on Thursday. Sean and I loved the 3D Sun IMAX film, and Erin said her fave was the Abraham Lincoln exhibit. Not easy to explain to a five-year-old girl the shackles and hoods used on the assassination co-conspirators.

On Friday we biked the monuments. It was a beautiful day, and the kids enjoyed it. Erin loved the Lincoln Memorial and both kids thought it was cool to see the White House. Erin persisted in calling it Obama’s office.

A friend once told us vacations at this age aren’t about rest and relaxation. They’re about making memories. Too true. I came back to work to rest, but we certainly made a lot of memories.


Two of my favorite bloggers

15 April 2009

I don’t actually have a lot of time for reading blogs. There are some news aggregator sites I use and a couple web comics I read, but there are only two blogs I read regularly. Read the rest of this entry »

Tax Day

15 April 2009

I finished the taxes last night. I usually don’t wait until the last minute, but that’s just how it worked out this year. I learned that transferring saved data from one tax software to another is not perfect.

After transferring information from TaxCut to TurboTax, we learned that our kids were our kids but apparently not our dependents, and it played havoc with our refunds. Once I figured it out and corrected it, we went from owing a little to being owed a lot. That made the two late nights working on this feel a little better.

So the taxes are done for another year.

14 April 2009

Got this by way of my friend Matthew Paul Turner. It’s not a joke. It is real, and personally, I think it’s brilliant marketing and a very well done commercial.

If you’ve never seen the original ShamWOW infomercial, you can watch it here.

Hidden treasures

14 April 2009

I admit that I watch America’s Got Talent, though mostly for the train wrecks that litter the initial search rounds. Now last season did reveal some brilliant singers in Neal E. Boyd, Queen Emily and Eli Mattson. Of course, it also brought us some circus acts which had no business getting past the audition rounds.

The British version has found some real stunners though. In 2007, Paul Potts went from cell phone salesman to opera star. Now I don’t like opera, but the guy’s voice is just phenomenal. Watch his audition video.

This season, Susan Boyle, a 47-year-old church worker with a little sass, a lot of spunk and a ton guts, sings “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables and brings the house to their feet and absolutely takes Simon Cowell’s voice away. Don’t believe me? Go watch the video.

I love Les Miserables. Beth and I saw it on Broadway before it closed. It is one of the most stunning stories of grace and redemption, and it brought me to tears. I admit this video nearly brought me to tears. Just stunning. No other words. That’s a voice for the ages and a story you just can’t script.

Jesus in Legos

14 April 2009

This is just freaking cool. Click on the image to read the story.

We heart Cornell baseball

13 April 2009

I have always been a baseball fan. I love the game, and I’ll watch it at any level. My son Sean has contracted the baseball bug as well. He likes just about any sport, but he really loves baseball and wants to be a major leaguer some day.

locked in on the gameA few weeks ago, Sean and I went to watch Cornell lacrosse crush Penn 21-11. After the game, we went next door to catch the end of a Cornell baseball doubleheader at Hoy Field. It’s a great place to watch a game because you can get close to the action and the players.

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