The Unlikely Disciple

26 March 2009

The Unlikely DiscipleKevin Roose transferred from Brown University to Liberty University, you know, Jerry Falwell’s school, for a semester. He ended up scoring the last print interview with Falwell before his death.

Kevin has written a book about his experience. The Unlikely Disciple releases this week. You can find out more about the book, read an excerpt and see what others are saying at

Author and blogger Matthew Paul Turner is giving away four copies. Matthew has also posted an interview with Kevin. Head over to MPT’s blog for a chance to win, and then run to your local bookstore or surf to the online seller of your choice to buy The Unlikely Disciple.


Free Books

11 March 2009

Head over to Matthew Paul Turner’s blog for a chance to win a free book. He’s giving away five copies of Susan E. Isaac’s new book Angry Conversations With God: A Snarky But Authentic Spiritual Memoir.

Honestly, even if you don’t get a book, his interview with Ms. Isaacs is worth the trip.

No Line on the Horizon

6 March 2009

U2 released a new album this week, and I’ve apparently raised my kids well. Sean, who is eight, handed me his Sandisk Shaker mp3 player yesterday and asked me to add the new album to it. Erin, who’s five, is a firm believer in the trinity; Jesus, Daddy and Bono. Gotta love these kids.

Brand spankin’ new

4 March 2009

So I’ve had a personal site hosted by Cornell University, my employer, for a few years, but they are shutting down the service in June. I’m setting up this site to reflect what was available there as well as having a place to blog occasionally, probably very occasionally. Enjoy.